My Matrix

“Fate it seems, is not without a sense of irony.” -Morpheus

Sometimes it’s just time to embrace the time warp of it all. One weekend, deep within the realm of Lafayette, Colorado. I offered a choice. Every year of life I live I see a million trajectories I can take. And I accumulate a million more trajectories I could have in a parallel life right here, right now. It is almost unnerving when you can see the mirrors so clearly. And these are only the ones I’m aware of. How many more circles have I created not even knowing? How large is my multi-verse? 

My choice offered is red or blue. The secret is, this will not be the first choice you make like this, nor the last. This scene in the Matrix is always thought of as the definitive moment in life. The moment the mirror cracks and a whole new world, for better or worse, is on the other side. What actually holds the most for me every time I watch that scene of choice in the movie, is how many times a choice has been offered to me. How many lives can I live? What if after the cracked mirror where I found a new world, there is another mirror?

Rewatching the Matrix trilogy held up for me. It still gives me introspective thoughts.

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