Utah Camper Camping – December 2020

The end of 2020, my husband and I decided to go in on a used camper. This entire realm is new for us and my, oh my, is it quite a big realm of people in this space. There are so many ideas and no one size fits all. We have several ideas for our own setup. But right away it was usable so we figured we would try what worked and figure out what we maybe wanted to update. We drove the mountain passes to one of my favorite places in this world: Utah. Here we are driving through Red Canyon as a snow storm hit. It was our first time to this part of Utah. 

Look at those beautiful mountain bikes and that 90’s looking camper! We did indeed fit through the tunnel.

Bryce Canyon Campground has one loop open in the winter time. Surprisingly, it was more than half full when we got there. The ranger at the visitor center warned us it would be very cold. We smiled at each other knowing we luckily now had a heated camper for such events. We did see many brave souls tent camping. That evening several new inches of snow dropped. From the campsite we could hike to the Rim Trail. You could hardly see across the canyon, but the hoodoo features could still be seen.

The next morning we were rewarded a magical world in fresh snow and a size of  freezing cold to go with it.

Hoodoo Heaven

We hiked the Queen’s Garden from the campground the next day. Microspikes made it pretty seamless. 

We visited Zion which felt so, so much warmer than Bryce. T-shirt weather in comparison almost. We camped inside the national park at Watchmen campground for two nights. I have never done much national park camping. During the summer it’s so hard to come by. It is really cool to be right there next to everything you want to go to. You just feel lucky. Zion most definitely lived up to its name. It’s a special place. Up there on my National Park List. I also feel like I saw only a small bit. This place has a lot of rugged wilderness to offer. It does take extra expertise to get there, but I am sure would be every bit worth it.

We had showers at Zion Outfitters right by the park entrance. By the way, I had never walked into a national park before. That changed with Zion. Springdale was a neat place to bike through too. Lots of good food for hungry hikers.

High Places

We hiked the famous Angel’s Landing. it was fabulous! One thing for those thinking of going: bring microspikes in the winter! Most people did not and it really backs up the trail and creates an unsafe environment in spots. Plus, most people could not make it to the top without them. It is a hike worth doing and super fun! So bring those spikes and reach the top! If you’re afraid of heights though, maybe consider some other hikes that are just as awesome and with less exposure.

I highly suggest biking into Zion! The main road was closed to shuttle only and tickets were hard to come by. It’s a flat ride and you get to see much more than you would from a bus!

As always, Utah lives up to everything it looks like in photos and then some. I wanted so badly to do a #dressesinthewild shoot here. But it was very cold for me. I was quite content in my thermals which may not be the best picture in the end. 🙂


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