Brianna Cote Photography

I am a photo artist that makes the surreal as real as possible. I chase light, life, landscapes and fantasia in my photographic pursuits. There are invisible worlds inside us every day. Searching for these is what I do.

We all have that epic story in us. Your imagination and fantasy characters are possible to see.

If you dream it, they will come. 

The largest impacts are when our own worlds change.

The earth offers the best playground. The best I can do is respect, care and fight for her. The least I can do is share the beauty offered. 

Large little worlds. My backyard offers up some of the most amazing shots. 

My Story

My background is in meteorology. That is such a deep part of me so please feel free to ask me weather questions. My career has taken me into the energy field where I currently work on grid optimization modeling. Say that five times fast! I am a huge energy nerd so don’t be afraid to ask me the latest in the industry. What I stay up late and get up early for, however, is photography. Whether it be a big hike for some landscape views or the golden hour chases for portraits, this is my desire. 

brianna cote

brianna cote